Ninpō-kai 2021 – Ninja camp


NINJA CAMP is always a special experience, and this time we want to offer all participants something more. What we are preparing will definitely be a lifetime adventure and a memory. Therefore, we invite you to join us and experience an unforgettable experience with us.

Compared to last year’s camp, there will be fewer training topics this year, basically just three. But they will be so rich that we will work hard to squeeze them into the program. The first topic will be Sui-jutsu (water art), in which we will learn silent entering and movement in the water, special Ninja swimming with tied hands and feet, breathing underwater, preparing rafts and the like. The second topic will be Ka-jutsu (fire art) in which we will learn how, when and where to light a fire, how to make a smoke bomb, torch, fire arrow and smoke signals, and finally experience a unique experience of fire. The third topic will be Kyū-jutsu (the art of archery), where we will learn how to make your own bow and arrows, ways of different shooting and group use. As always, the morning Meisō meditation, strengthening and stretching will be included, and a night hike with torches is also planned. For those who wanted it last year, we will prepare an adrenaline rafting on the Kolpa on Thursday (surcharge: adults 20€, children 10€). As we will also need external collaborators for some activities, this time the total amount is unfortunately a little higher than last year.

Again this year, the camp will take place in the unspoiled nature of the Kolpa river valley, in the Kolparaft Skender auto camp, located in Laze near Predgrad, and our activities will take place in surrounding area and, of course, in the pearly clean river Kolpa. The Kolpa is one of the cleanest Slovenian rivers. Food will be provided this year as well, so this time it will be an event where you can come with your family, children, partner or friends. They will be able to practice with us, or just brighten and enrich our time together. No previous knowledge is required, so those who practice some other martial art, or nothing at all, are welcome, as we will learn things that are not related to any martial art.
For sure this year NINJA CAMP will be event not to be missed.

Date: 26. – 29th of August 2021
Since first training will be on 27th at 10.00 AM, we advise you to arrive at the camp on Thursday 26th (on this day will also be rafting!).

The deadline for applications is August 15th

We have prepared several options, choose your own and sign up as soon as possible. After registration, you will receive a list of necessary equipment.


Ka-jutsu火術, Sui-jutsu 水術, Kyū-jutsu 弓術

For further information don't hesitate to conctac us on: +386 41 711 840
or write on: andrej.budoarts@siol.net