On-line Bisentō-jutsu 眉尖刀術 Workshop with Dai-shihan Andrej Jasenc

On this On-line Bisentō-jutsu 眉尖刀術 (art of brow blade) Workshop, Bujinkan Dai-shinan Andrej Jasenc will share some deep insights about this unique and remarkable yet often misunderstood fighting tool.

Participants will be able to learn about history and Kotsu 骨 (knacks) as well as Kamae 構 (body attitude), 受型 (receiving forms), Kiriuchi-gata 切打型 (striking cuts) and other essential techniques of this remarkable battlefield weapon.

Workshop will be broadcasting live on Andrej Jasenc private Facebook profile and will be open only for those registrated (you will have to be FB friend).

If you can not join live, no worries, you can always watch and re-watch the recording later when your schedule permits.

Date and time: July 15th at 10am (slovenian time).
Price: 20,00€
(should be paid in advance by PayPal: jasenc.andrej@gmail.com).

Language of instruction: English

FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/227705950179536

Join us on this very special workshop and also invite those who may be interested.

Your in practice,
Andrej Jasenc Anryū