Seminar with Andrej Jasenc in Graz


Seminar with Andrej Jasenc in Graz

The NBC-Graz is happy to be able to present you a Bujinkan Ninpo Seminar with Andrej Jasenc. We would like to extend this invitation to martial arts practitioners of all styles and ranks. Bujinkan beginners and practitioners of other martial arts can benefit from this seminar alike. It is a great opportunity to gain insights not only into Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, but also Japanese armed combat, language, history and culture.

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Kihon happo in the style of the nine ryuha, Hanbo & Kusarifundo

Kampfkunst Center Zmugg, Körösistraße 17, 8010 Graz

50€ (70€ after 23.12.2019)

Saturday, 11.00h-12.00h registration
Saturday, 12.00h-17.00h with small breaks, from ~19.30h dinner
Sunday, 10.00h-15.00h with small breaks

Keikogi (Uwagi & Matashita) - Training uniform (jacket & pants)
Obi - Belt
Tabi - Training shoes for indoors
Hanbo – 1m Stick
Tanto – training knive
Bokuto – Wooden training sword
Kusarifundo – chain/rope

(only wooden and dummy weapons)